Hummus & Spring Falafels

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I love Lebanese food and especially falafel! Paired with hummus, guacamole or a spicy tomato sauce in pita bread honestly I can’t ask for more, it is absolutely delicious! Plus it is vegan so it is a really good alternative for a veggie and healthy meal.

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The Story Of « Dolce & Gabbana »

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Each renowned fashion house has a proper history influencing from today’s collections to their very identity. I believe it is essential and very interesting to consider the history of a brand to better understand its own trademark and evolution through the years since its creation. Immersing yourself into the fascinating world of fashion houses is captivating and gives so much more perspective to the way you look at contemporary fashion and current collections.

In order to share my attachment to fashion history, I am launching a new series of posts called “The Story Of” in which we will discover a little bit more in details our favorites brands!

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Sugar-Free Carrot Cake

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I have a serious addiction to carrot cake, this is one of my favorite desserts! I love the taste of nuts, dried fruits and spices not to mention the frosting …
The trouble is that this cake can be pretty fat and high in sugars, which always makes me feel quite heavy after 1 piece … so I made a vegan & sugar free version, full of goodness!

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