• The Story Of « Dolce & Gabbana »

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    Each renowned fashion house has a proper history influencing from today’s collections to their very identity. I believe it is essential and very interesting to consider the history of a brand to better understand its own trademark and evolution through the years since its creation. Immersing yourself into the fascinating world of fashion houses is captivating and gives so much more perspective to the way you look at contemporary fashion and current collections.

    In order to share my attachment to fashion history, I am launching a new series of posts called “The Story Of” in which we will discover a little bit more in details our favorites brands!

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  • Gucci Metallic Pumps

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    Gucci Metallic leather pumps

    I am having an obsession with the new GUCCI metallic pumps. It is just the best thing I have seen so far when it comes to spring-summer 2016 collection! On top of that it comes in two heel heights and in different colors which all are FAN-TAS-TIC. The fringes and the Gucci sign make the whole thing just perfect!

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  • Happy New Year!

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    Happy 2016 to all of you!

    Ok guys, now that the happy holiday time is over, that our stomach cannot handle any more food and that we still have more champagne than blood in our body, it is time for brand new resolutions !

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  • Diorama Crush

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    While I was in London this fall I had a huge crush on a bag, I just couldn’t take my eyes (and hands) away from it !

    But I am not talking about a simple bag; it is the metallic silver leather Diorama in limited edition which is absolutely S-T-U-N-N-I-N-G! The size is perfect, the color is to die for and the leather …. Incomparable to anything I’ve seen so far at Dior. I just LOVE it.
    Dior sac Diorama metallisé1

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  • Welcome!

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    Welcome on the blog The Blonde Powder! 


    This blog was launched end of 2015 to talk about fashion of course, but also about many things that are really important to me.

    I have always been fascinated by the fashion world, by the renowned fashion houses universes and by the magic atmosphere surrounding this environment. I have the deepest respect and admiration for genuine creators of ideas, may they be artistic directors, editors of great magazines or fashion bloggers who inspire and thrill so many people.

    Fashion is limitless, it is a constant evolution that keeps on surprising us and it is also a wonderful means of expression. This is what makes it so magical, so unique and so admirable.

    In the aim of sharing my enthusiasm, I decided to throw myself into the project of this blog.

    In the blog you will find my favorite outfits, my inspirations but also selections of items based on fashion latest trends.

    If fashion is a way to feel better through an image we enjoy to convey, the fact remains that the most important thing to reach the quintessence of elegance is well-being and happiness emanating from ourselves.

    This is why a part of this blog will be dedicated to healthiness through fitness posts, healthy recipes and some tips to apprehend the everyday life the best way it can be and to glow inside and out.

    I hope that these posts will inspire you as much as I am inspired myself and that you will enjoy sharing this adventure with me!

    Happy reading  😀

    Do not hesitate to leave your comments on the blog!

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     “I believe that how you feel is very important to how you look – that healthy equals beautiful” V.Principal

    “A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.” ― Coco Chanel

    Bienvenue sur le blog The Blonde Powder!

    J’ai créé ce blog pour vous parler de mode bien sûr, mais aussi de plein d’autres choses qui me tiennent à cœur.

    J’ai toujours été fascinée par le monde de la mode, par l’univers des grandes maisons de couture et par toute la magie qui entoure ce milieu. J’ai un profond respect et une grande admiration pour les créateurs d’idées, qu’ils soient directeurs artistiques, rédacteurs pour de grands magazines de mode ou fashion blogueurs qui inspirent et font vibrer tant de monde.
    La mode n’a pas de limite, c’est une évolution constante qui ne cesse de nous surprendre et un merveilleux moyen d’expression. C’est ce qui la rend si magique, si unique et si admirable.

    C’est dans le but de partager mon enthousiasme que j’ai décidé de me lancer dans l’aventure de ce blog.
    Vous y trouverez aussi mes tenues préférées, mes inspirations, mes envies, sans oublier des sélections en fonction des tendances et des actualités du moment.

    Si la mode est un moyen de se sentir mieux au travers d’une image que l’on aime véhiculer, il n’en reste pas moins que la chose la plus importante pour atteindre l’élégance, c’est le bien-être et le bonheur qui émanent de notre personne.

    C’est pour cela qu’une partie de ce blog sera dédiée au bien-être à travers des articles de fitness, de recettes « healthy » et de nombreux conseils pour appréhender la vie quotidienne de la meilleure manière qui soit et de briller de l’intérieur comme de l’extérieur.

     J’espère que tous ces posts vous inspireront autant que j’ai moi-même été inspirée, et que vous aimerez partager cette aventure avec moi !

    Bonne lecture 😀



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