The Veggie Caesar Salad

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I fell in love with the Caesar Salad when I lived in Toronto; I tried different versions in various restaurants and pubs and each time it was a delight! When I moved back to France, I tried to add a little twist to the recipe by replacing the Parmesan with Mimolette cheese which I LOVE and add avocados to it. And the result is really nice!

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Avocado Egg Breakfast Toast

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I have a serious addiction to avocados. It is so creamy and soothing, plus it is so nutritious it keeps you filled with good and healthy energy though the day! This recipe has been one of my favorite lately as it is so easy to make when you are on the run but still caring about how healthy you eat. I often cook this for lunch also with arugula salad on the side, so yummy 🙂

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